Kids at the library - NZ DadsOne of the fondest memories of my dad when I was young was one that had to do with reading. When I was about 5-6 he bought this book on dinosaurs for me. It was better suited for children a bit older than I was, but when I would go to stay with him he would get me to read it. It took a while but eventually I was able to read the whole book, even all those long dinosaur names. Every time I was over and we had people visiting, he would get this book out and have me read it. Back then I didn’t really think much of it, but now I see that he was really quite proud of the fact his son could read something that advanced, at such a young age. Although nowadays I don’t tend to do much reading of my own, I make sure that I support my daughter with her love of reading.

So Friday afternoon rolls on and we head down to pick up our daughter at daycare. First thing she says is that the library came to visit her at kindy. Not quite sure how that was possible, I ask her a few clarifying questions and determine that people FROM the library, had visited her preschool class to promote children getting their own library cards. After the conversation on the drive home we found the pamphlet the library had given the kids in her kindy tray, which let us know what we needed to get her signed up. My wife runs a book website, and our daughter has quite a few books of her own, but I was happy that she was that eager to go down to the local library and sign up so she could have her own card. She told us all about John at the library who we needed to go see to get her a card, not really knowing which of the potential 14 libraries in our area of Auckland this John worked at, I told her that we would head down to the library closet and get her signed up on the weekend.

To get your child signed up at the library all you need to bring is a proof of address and an ID, which is pretty straight forward. The process was really easy and being in Auckland, having the one library card that can be used at all libraries Auckland wide was very cool. Her card is also linked to my wife’s card which, in the event she forgot her card, we can just use either or.

Once she had her card, we went on a hunt for her first library books she was going to take home. We had to give her a limit of 4, otherwise I could of found myself with a boot full of books heading home. One thing we had to talk to her about was differentiating between her books at home and those she had gotten from the library. We explained that she got to keep the books from the library for a month and then she could take them back and get some new ones. We got her a tote bag with a zip pocket she could put her library card in, and said that the books from the library get kept in this special bag. This way there would hopefully be no losing of the books. Well since returning home after her library adventure, she has had us read all the books she got and now wants more! Although I might not share her love of reading, I love that she is passionate about it, and the fact she still wants to come play car racing games on the xbox with me means at least she has a wide range of things she loves, and hobbies that she can share with both my wife and I.

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