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Exercising over winter can be demotivating. Going out for a run in the rain, or doing star jumps in the park while its thundering overhead is definitely no fun. This winter I wanted to keep up a regular exercise routine, so I signed up at my local Jetts gym.
Here are a few tips to help you get make the most of your gym time this winter:

Pick the right gym:

jettsAfter the birth of my daughter I found that I needed a gym that catered to my lack of free time within normal hours. I started going to Jetts because they are everywhere, and you can use your membership at their sites in New Zealand and Australia. Their 24 hour opening hours suited my needs as a dad, because I found myself going in the evenings when my daughter was in bed.When picking a gym, you’ll want to consider location, cost, opening hours, and equipment. Take a tour of a few gyms first to see how they stack up before committing. Several gyms have pricey contacts and cancellations fees, but there are a few out there like Jetts that don’t. If you are in any doubt as to your commitment, you may want to consider a gym that doesn’t have a long contract.

Warm up:

man runningWarming up before exercise is essential and I see so many people ignoring this and going straight to the weights. If you want to last the week out, start with a decent warm up routine.

Warming up before exercise gives your muscles a stretch out, and allows for progressive building rather than aggressive tearing. Tearing can put you out for at least a day or two, so it’s well worth avoiding. Make sure you include stretches in your warm up routine.

Don’t be a gear hog:

If there’s limited gear and everyone seems to be on their leg day, don’t take over the leg press while talking to your friends and doing five rep sets. I find that throwing my earplugs in and doing what I’m there to do (exercising, not socialising) is the best way to get results and stay on track. This doesn’t mean you can’t socialise at the gym, just do it off the gear so the rest of us can get our routines done.


Just because you are not working out in the middle of the summer sun doesn’t mean you can’t get dehydrated during the colder months, or inside at the gym. Hydration is paramount when working those big cardio missions, and keeping hydrated is the key to not feeling dreadful after your workouts.

Balance your workout:

Balance your upper body workout with your lower body one. While the media encourages us to work on our upper half to look like a beefy Vin Diesel, legs are important too. They are what keep us upright! Balance your workouts with a good input of leg exercises as well as upper body weights and resistance. The Johnny Bravo look is not practical in the real world.


Hitting the weights is great, and doing 100 crunches is a good effort, but if you don’t do the cardio and burn the fat you’re not going to get the washboard abs you’re hoping for. Instead, you’ll get a slight definition under that nice layer of padding. A big thing with cardio is monitoring your heart rate. Most cardio gym equipment has heart rate monitors on them. Check out what heart rate is best for your age for fat burning, and do some high intensity burning to get your heart nice and fit too. There’s no point in looking good on the outside if the insides are not up to scratch!


healthy eatingYou have to be on point with what you put into your body when training. If you want to last longer and build good muscle, hit the protein. Great sources of protein are fish, chicken and lean cuts of red meat. You can make some delicious family-friendly hearty meals out of them too, so there’s no need to put the family out for your diet’s sake. Non-meat protein options include quinoa and almonds.There are many different protein bars and powders out there too, just watch your consumption as they can be very high in calories. To cut down on the calories with protein shakes, add water instead of milk. Remember the best way to gauge your intake is to put in what you’re going to burn.

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