Styleshaver_longPhilips has launched its Styleshaver QS6140, with the aim of enabling men to express their individual style through trimming, styling and shaving their facial hair using one device.

Many shavers now come with a trimmer, but the trimmer is often thrown on as an afterthought, with no real consideration to those of us who like to manscape our facial fur. Philips’ Styleshaver is different because it has considered the shaver and trimmer equally, providing a great all-round device.

The Styleshaver’s shaver gives a smooth shave. It didn’t pull on my hair at all, and it glided across my face, leaving me with a close shave with little effort involved.

For me though, it was the trimmer that really shone.  It was perfect for maintaining my goatee, giving an even trim. Its easy to use trimmer gives an even trim over beards or goatees, and with its range of lengths available, it would meet most men’s manscaping needs.

Very importantly, the battery life is really good, and the charger station not only has a cool design as a free standing cradle, but is user friendly too. All up, this is a fantastic shaver for anyone looking for more than a basic shave.

Product Features:

Easy to use

– 100% waterproof for easy cleaning

– 2-year guarantee, worldwide voltage, no oil needed

– Battery light shows the battery status

– Foldable stand for charging and storage

– 50 minutes cordless power after 4 hour charge

Trim + style + shave

– Beard trimmer with 12 length settings from 0.5mm to 10mm

– Dual shaver with trimmer shaves even the toughest beards

– Reversible trimmer: 32mm and 15mm sides for perfect details

Skin friendly performance

– Skin-friendly, high-performance trimmer blade

RRP $249.95

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