Raffertys-Baby-Food | NZ DadsThe opening line from the official press release states ‘every mother knows there’s nothing better than natural food prepared in your own kitchen…’ Although I totally agree with the sentiment, as a Dad, I base the value of food on how crazy my boy goes over it.

Some things like toast crust, avocado and mandarin he just goes bananas. Oh boy, mandarins. The Boy goes loco for those. Although the Rafferty’s Garden baby food didn’t elicit a mandarin response, they went down a treat. Plenty of him trying to grab the spoon and grumbling when the bowl was emptied. Overall, a very positive response.

Lucky for us we live on farm so we have access to a good sized vege garden. But unlike famous celebrity mums we look after our baby ourselves and prepare all his food from natural ingredients courtesy of some high tech blender device. No, we are not barefooted hippies, we just recognise that little guys need the best start in life.

Of course the above paragraph is all lovely and true, if you have time. My wife is a full time mother and I’d have it no other way. Consequently with four boys in our family she is very busy and doesn’t always have the time to prepare food for our eight month old…although she gets pretty close to it ☺ Given her preference for good, healthy and organic food, I knew she would be the best person to throw some packaged baby food at. To test, not literally, as she would kick my butt.

Screwing up her nose straightaway when she saw it, I urged her to read the labels and she was instantly impressed. Rafferty’s Garden ticked her boxes for healthy and natural food. That’s a big endorsement as far as this dad is concerned. I back my wife on anything and everything baby related for two reasons. One, she is amazing and the best mother around, and two, I am a dad and baby stuff scares me silly.

It’s great having someone like her to prepare food for the kids. So when she is happy with something available in a plastic pouch at the supermarket, I’m nicely relaxed. Rafferty’s Garden baby food is available at all good supermarkets for the excellent RRP of $2.19. It contains 100% premium ingredients and nothing else.

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