Review: Play in the Garden

playing in the garden NZ Dads I used to be a firm believer in forcing my sons to work out on the farm or in the garden. Just do some work outdoors, anything, I don’t care what, but just get outdoors and away from the damn computer games. Consequently they hate it. They very rarely follow me out on to the farm, no matter how many guns or explosives I may have in the back of the ute.

So when this book came across my desk I was very interested. As a dad, you have to remember that your kids don’t always want to do what you think is interesting. But you can rest assured that there will always be a book that can help trick them into thinking otherwise.

Ok, probably not the most accurate review for this fabulous book. There is no witchcraft or other trickery here, it’s just full of very unique and practical ideas to get your kids out there helping in the great outdoors.

What gives this one a bit more credit is that the author, Sarah O’Neill was clever enough to not only get her kids into the garden, but she got them to help with the writing the book. She technically then could do a follow up book educating parents how to get their children to write books. Not sure when that will be released but its probably in the pipeline.

Play in the Garden gives parents a pleasant and creative way to show kids just how much fun they can have outdoors. Beyond giving your kids a bunch of seeds and telling them to grow something, O’Neill and her kids present many different activities that will engage your kids and give you a new zone of interest in the garden. The best part of these activities is that they will create a lot of interaction between parents and kids in a new setting.

Playing in the garden, By Sarah O’Neil, Published by New Holland Publishing, RRP $34.99



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  • Gladys Campbell November 1, 2014, 3:10 pm

    I encourage my grandchildren to grow things with me in the garden. Very helpful and educational.

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