DIY Bird feeder

Tui bird New Zealand

With the weather finally starting to warm up again It’s time to coax our fine feathered friends into our backyards with a little bit of DIY. Homemade birdfeeders are affordable, quick and a fun activity that are a great way to start a conversation about New Zealand’s native birds, and keep the kids busy these holidays.


Price: $2 – $5

Difficulty: Easy

Age Level: Preschool up

You will need:Bird feeder instructions

–        A pinecone or two

–        Peanut butter

–        A butter knife

–        Birdseed

–        A large, shallow container for the birdseed.

–        String

Step One: Cover the pinecone completely in peanut butter using a butter knife.

bird feeder instructions 2






Step Two: Roll the peanut butter covered pinecone in birdseed. Use a shallow container to keep this step as tidy as possible.

bird feeder instructions 3






Step Three:  Use string to tie the pinecone in a tree or on a fence.

bird feeder instructions 4






Step Four: Enjoy your fluttering friends when they stop by for a late lunch.

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