NZ Dads Stag do - PaintballLooking for something fun and exciting to do for your next stag do? Here are NZ Dads top 6 activities for the modern mans stag do.

6) Fishing trip.

Nothing says male bonding like a good old fishing trip away. If one of the party has a boat that’s great, but if not it’s really easy and not that costly to charter a fishing boat. And you can always throw the stag over board, as long as he can swim.

5) Caving.

This an awesome day trip and is a great way to bond on a stag do. You get to experience some breath taking caves and still make the stag do some stuff to scare the pants off him.

4) Quad bike tour.

These are awesome fun and can be done around NZ. A bunch of mates racing around on quad bikes through the bush, and if you’re from out of town you can make a weekend of it.

3) Party bus.

A party bus is a great way to get around town in a safe fashion. Club/pub hopping around town on a bus that in its self is a mobile party is a fun way to spend a stag do evening.

2) Paintball.

This is great fun for a stag do; you can go as a team or verse each other. There is always the classic gauntlet run for the stag, but as the best man be warned, you might have to run it with him! This one is best done a few weeks before the wedding.

1) Bungy jumping.

There are a couple places to do this in NZ, the Auckland Harbour Bridge bungy is a great for a stag do because you can all go up to the jump pod and cheer your stag on. Check out our review on this here.

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