PowerAll Power Bank - NZ DadsThe worst thing about camping? Not being able to charge your phone. Sure, camping means getting back to nature, and doing away with technology for a few days, but for those of us that want to take family selfies and upload them to Facebook, a phone charger is a must have.
I work in a school and went away on a camping trip that required my phone for lots of reason – communicating with my family back home, the obvious uploading photos to Facebook, and of course keeping sane in my tent while the kids ran wild aka playing games. Fortunately for me I had a PowerAll Deluxe Power Bank Jump Starter to test out.

Yes, The PowerAll Deluxe Power Bank Jump Starter has the very handy use of jump starting cars, but it also can be used to charge cellphones PowerAll PowerBank - NZ Dadsand tablets, as it has two handy usb plugs on the side. The unit packs a whopping 12000mAh of stored charging power. This might not mean much the the average person, but when the average smart phone battery is around 2600 mAh you soon realise that you can get around 5 full cellphone chargers out of a single full charge of the unit.

One of the other great feature of the PowerAll Deluxe Power Bank is that the stand by battery life lasts up to six months. This means you can charge it up and leave it in the car, campervan, boat, or just at home for whenever you may need it. The unit comes in a solid case with all the accessories you could need, it has a usb adapter cable and bag of attachements for ever possible phone/tablet, a AC to DC wall plug for charging at home, a DC adapter for charging in the car, and heavy duty jumper leads, which are capable of jump starting up 4 litre petrol vehicles and up to litre desiel vehicles.

PowerAll - PowerBank_NZ DadsAnd for those of you who see all the uses and are wondering why I only used it to play games on my phone, I actually did test out the jump starting capability of the PowerAll. In fact, it came in handy when one of the teachers left his door open on his ute overnight and we needed it to start it in the morning. If it had happened at night, we wouldn’t have had an issue because it comes with a built-in LED flash light, which also has SOS flashing feature for when in an emergency situation.
The unit is increadily compact for its amazing capacity and even with its case it could be stored in the glove box of a car. I recommend the PowerAll Deluxe Power Bank Jump Starter for those families who like to go camping, boating, or just simply on adventures in the outdoors. You can purchase it from these PowerAll retailers: Hunting & Fishing, Repco, Farmlands, Corys, Smart Marine. RRP: $199.95 NZD

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