Soft-Tec_Wallet_S5_BlackFor me my phone is single most important piece of technology I own (next to my Xbox). It contains everything – my family photos, contacts, important emails, and Candy Crush. When I was looking for a cover for it, there were certain features that it needed to have. It needed to be lightweight and not bulky, but still sturdy and durable, it needed to look good but still be functional, and it needed to be user friendly when it came to accessing the many ports and buttons on my phone.

The Element Case Soft-Tec Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S5 is slim, lightweight and very durable. It was easy to handle, not adding to the bulk of your phone as a lot of other cases out there do. The Tech-Grip covering meant that I could pop it on the dash or centre console of my car when using my GPS, and it wouldn’t slide around. This, and the fact that it can be folded to used as an adjustable stand, made it really user friendly.

This leads me to the functionality of the case. Since owning smart phones I have always bought wallet cases, but usually cheap ones. This in hindsight was a mistake – I go through cheap cases like they are going out of fashion because they don’t last. I think in the last year I have spent a considerable amount on constantly replacing them. At RRP $79.95 this case is on the pricey side, but the fact that you won’t need to replace it every 4-6 weeks makes it worthwhile in the long run.Soft-Tec_Wallet_S5_Black_img3

I need easy access to the headphone jack, charger, volume buttons, and on off switch. The Element Case Soft-Tec Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S5 does just that, wrapping around the sides of the case instead of the top and bottom. The only issue I had with this is that minimising on the case around the top and bottom to give better access leaves the phone open to possible marking or chipping if dropped. If you aren’t one of those people that are constantly dropping your phone, then this limitation is probably worth not having the frustration of trying to get your headphone jack to plug into your phone at the gym and while on the go.

Soft-Tec_Wallet_S5_Black_img2Overall, the Element Case Soft-Tec Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S5 ticks all the boxes for me. Although it doesn’t have enough wallet slots for my many cards, it is a slim, sleek, versatile, and durable case that is not likely to fall apart anytime soon. I would recommend it, because who really wants to go out and buy eight phone covers this year, when you can just make one trip and get one?

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