Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 6.45.10 pmThe Lenmar ChugPlug is a portable MacBook battery pack that claims to give users up to four hours extended battery life for MacBook Airs, and up to three hours for MacBook Pros. Ideal for those who work out of clients offices on occasions, or want to work whilst in transit (be it on a bus or while waiting at the airport), the ChugPlug is useful for those times that your battery is running out but there isn’t a wall plug anywhere to plug in your charger.

I put the ChugPlug to the test while working remotely at a client’s office. I’d already pre-charged the ChugPlug, and when my MacBook Pro battery was running low at about 15%, I plugged in the ChugPlug to see what would happen. It is important to note that the ChugPlug itself doesn’t last for three to four hours. It lasts for about an hour, charging your MacBook battery back up to 100% in the process. The other two to three hours comes from your now fully charged MacBook. So if you are looking for something to help out if your MacBook battery is running out too fast, then this probably isn’t going to be for you, but for me it lasted long enough for me to get all my work done before heading back to my office to recharge again.

It is quite large, so you’ll need a laptop bag with a bit of room, but if you have one it is worth considering investing in a ChugPlug if you have a need to be portable with your MacBook often.
RRP: $229.95 / Available at Noel Leeming, Harvey Norman, Ubertech and Yoobee

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