Motorola MBP36 - NZ DadsWhen we were looking for a baby monitor for our daughter there were a few things I really needed it to be able to do. Firstly I wanted one that had decent range, and the freedom to take the unit with you. This meant it needed a decent battery life also. Secondly, it needed to have a clear picture, day or night and smooth frame rate (for those that are not technologically savvy, this means that the picture is smooth and not jerky). Thirdly, it needed interactive capabilities, meaning if I was up checking in on a sick little one, I could talk to my wife to ask her if she could grab a cold flannel or Pamol. Finally, it needed some extras, I love mod cons when it comes to technology, so added things like room temp, built in lullaby’s, and ability to move the camera were a must. The Motorola MBP36 Baby Monitor does an amazing job at tackling all the tasks I put before it.

As a dad who is constantly out in the shed or garage tinkering with things or building stuff for my daughter, I found that the Motorola MBP36 had great range. This monitor doesn’t just cover the house; it can go right to the mailbox before it warns you that you are moving out of range. It has an impressive 300m range, with a warning noise as you are approaching this. I found that while out in the garage or workshop I was able to keep and eye on my little one as she napped, allowing me to get a few things done that I couldn’t really do while she’s up and about. Something to remember with this unit is that the parent monitor needs a 16-hour initial charge before using. This is a must as it determines the lifespan of the battery. I charged mine over night and took it off after work the next day and have found I can get 2-3 hours battery life out of it off the charger. We have the wall plug beside our bed, so this is not an issue at night.

As for picture quality, the unit has a 3.5 inch LCD display that runs at up to 25 FPS (frames per second – that’s almost as good as the Xbox One!) This allows the unit to have a clean, clear image during the day. The unit has infrared night vision for a clear image at night also. For those on an even higher level of geekdom, the unit runs 2.4 GHz FHSS technology with two-way communication. The Motorola MBP36 uses 2.4 GHz FHSS technology which give the unit a more reliable wireless connection than previous wireless baby monitor. This mean that you a less likely to miss anything due to a drop out of signal or frozen image due to a weak conection with the parent unit.

MBP36 | NZ DadsAnother thing that is great with this particular monitor is the intactive feature of the 2 way microphone. This works like a walkie talkie between the parent unit and the camera in your babies room. I found this really usefull when either my wife or I were up tending to our babies needs, either a bottle feed or when she needed a change and we had run out of nappies in her room. There are a lot of monitors out there that have this feature, but some can make you sound a bit robotic and this can be a little unsettling for your child, the Motorola MBP36 does not have this issue. The unit microphone is very clear and easy to hear.

Finally, when it comes to added features, I love this unit. It has the standard range of lullabys, this particular unit have 5 built in polyphonic ones. Next up, the room temp monitor, this is great all year round. In summer if you are worried its too hot, you can check and the same goes in winter if its too cold. Plus the super clear picture has a zoom function on it! You can check if you little one may have kicked their blankets off and go and assist. Finally one of the things I love best about the camera is its movement. You can pan and tilt it up and down, side to side. Where we had it set up, there was not a spot in our daughters room you couldn’t view. So if you have a little one who likes to go on night missions out of their cot or toddler bed, and find themselves asleep infront of the door, you will know this by to checking the screen and move the camera round till you find them, rather than, freaking out your child is not in their cot or bed, rushing in and possibly rudely awakening them with the door. This unit also has a spot under the camera for wall mounting it. Although it has this, there is no screw that comes with the unit. This was a little annoying, but easily remedied by finding a spare screw in the shed.

All in all the Motorolla MBP36 is a great choice in baby monitor. It has all the standard features you have come to expect in baby monitors, but with some pretty awesome additional features. I have to say the ability to move the camera round was really awesome and the smoothness of the video quality was definitely a plus. I would recommend this for any new parent or parent with a toddler who is looking for a baby monitor that ticks all the boxes.


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