world-s-craziest-football-matches-the-bathroom-editionFor me as a rugby dad, every football match is crazy. I find myself constantly yelling at the screen – ‘why isn’t anyone scoring any goals!’ Or ‘just pick the ball up!’ or ‘Hollywood!’.

The book is conveniently covered in plastic and even the front cover boasts ‘the waterproof bathroom edition’. Really? Wow, that’s not really giving your book much of a chance when you advertise the fact it’s better off in the toilet. For me, I have to agree that the bathroom is probably the best place for a soccer book. For the record, I will continue to only refer to football as soccer throughout this review merely to antagonise any true fans out there.

Personal soccer prejudices aside, if you are a fan of the round ball game, you will be on to a winner with this one. The author is a renowned soccer writer Colin Mitchell. You will need to be a big fan of the FA cup, and that cup they play for in Europe to really appreciate the soccer yarns in this soccer book. You will have seen the games, played the games, and no doubt be one of those poms who migrated to New Zealand 30 years ago and still have a thick accent.

I did watch one of the games and I was correct in my expectations of it being in the book. This year’s world cup final. “Hey wa happened??” Is all the Brazilians must have been saying after getting smashed by Germany 7-1. Even for this ardent rugby fan, that game was clearly a crazy game. The hot favourites, in a home final got absolutely ‘pants’ by the ruthlessly efficient Germans.

The book reviews a bunch of crazy games where things happened that even non fans would have seen as crazy. For the enthusiast, you will get a great lot of out reminiscing the oddities of the game and for the non fan, there are a plenty of stories that will give you a laugh as well.

World’s Craziest Football matches, Written by Colin Mitchell, Published by New Holland, RRP $24.99

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