The Caming Cookbook NZ DadsCookbooks sell like hot cakes. This one has a pancake recipe, and other types of cakes too. In fact, it’s got pretty much everything I thought you could never cook whilst camping. My family love camping. They love the meals that I cook when we are away. The meals usually consist of me going to the closest fish and chips shop and getting $20 worth of various deep fried goodness. Perfect.

Turns out that is not actually camp cooking. Bugger. Back to the hot cake introduction. This book has recipes for cakes! Whilst camping? Well before you scream ‘witchcraft’ and have the author burned at the stake, it’s stuff you prepare before you go. Cheating? Well, the author is honest about that fact, so we can let off. Given how awesome the cakes look, I’m sure you will be ok with the ruse.

The best aspect in my opinion is the first part of the book, which is dedicated to telling you the best way to set yourself up before you head off. The right pots, pans, basic ingredients, well, everything you will need to avoid eating takeaway food outside. Planning the adventure is key to having the best time away and The Camping Cookbook helps you set out the right way right from the start.

The book is written in the UK, but most of what is talked about is relevant to a NZ audience. A ‘cobb’ barbecue might be a bit hard to find, but that’s what the internet is for. Each of the recipes are nice and simple to follow, nothing too complicated (as should be expected for camping) and they all look pretty good too.

The word ‘glamping’ is thrown around a little, as rightly it should. However, should you follow even the slightest bit of advice from this book,your camping experience will be completely rejuvenated and changed for the best. Those people camping next to you with the massive multiform tent and all the best camping add ons will now be extremely jealous of you and all the amazing food smells coming from your spot. The takeaway joints profits may suffer a little, but they’ll make it up next time.

The Camping Cookbook, By Annie Bell, Published by Kyle Books, Distributed by New Holland Publishing, RRP $29.99



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