playing-rugby-league-with-benji-marshallOdd that former Blues player Benji Marshall would write a book on playing rugby league. Oh, wait…no, that’s the sport he is actually good at, not Rugby…as we ALL found out having to watch the disaster that was his season at the Blues. Not too mention all the credibility the great Sir John Kirwan lost because of it.

This book is out just in time for ‘the stocking stuffer’ list. If you’ve got a son at home who insists on you buying him those rugby league shorts, then you will be on to a winner with this book.

Rugby League great, and Rugby Union disgrace, Benji Marshall has helped put together a rather comprehensive kids instruction manual for a sport that doesn’t really need much instruction, but at least it’s done well…unlike his performance in every game of Rugby that he played last year.

Oddly the introduction about his playing career doesn’t mention all that much about a season with the Blues. Probably best that way as most of us are still trying to forget it.

Playing Rugby League will show your young fella how to pass, kick, goal kick, tackling and everything else he will need to know to get him started. Plus, if you are not the best rugby dad out there, you will be able to get some good tips to help your son out in your own back yard. Skip the part on changing codes though, it’s not the most well researched part of the book.

Playing Rugby League, By Benji Marshall, Published by New Holland, RRP$34.99

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