Stag Do Bungy - NZ DadsWhat’s the best way to say “I love you, man,” from a best man to the groom? Throw him off a bridge of course! Now this might sound a little harsh, but bungy jumping is an amazing experience, and perfect for a stag do.

We arrived at the Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy office, and our stag was weighed in. This is a little different to the way you weigh a stag in after a hunt., but at this point our stag had the look of cornered prey and was nervously glancing towards the exit. Once the stag party was geared up we preceded with a group of others up to the entrance to the underneath of the Harbour Bridge.

Walking under the bridge instead of driving over it is an unnerving experience in itself, and it was a great way to build anticipation for our stag and gave us all a chance to psych him up for his jump. We were walking along the access path under the bridge thinking that it didn’t seem too high, but the next thing we knew the path took a sudden increase in incline, and then we were suddenly faced with a staircase leading to a structure, bolted to the underneath of the Harbour Bridge, resembling something in a Jules Verne novel. Called the pod, this is where adrenaline seekers jump off from towards the water 40 metres below.

Jumpers go in weight order – heaviest to lightest. Our stag got a chance to see a couple of others jump before him. When it was his chance to jump he was strapped into the bungy cord and walked out onto the jumping platform like some sort of merman about to walk the plank. With a final look of “I really hate you guys” to the rest of the stag party, 3, 2, 1 boom he’d jumped without any hesitation, and disappeared, plummeting towards the water.

When you jump you can request a dip in the water. Our stag had asked that he only got a little wet. He got a little more than he asked for – check out the POV video to see the dunk!

The Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy was an amazing experience for our stag. He said afterwards, that he would love to do that again (although maybe not right away). The whole experience takes around two hours, and you get a free tee shirt and certificate afterwards. They offer printed and digital picture packages, and video packages too (see the below video for our stag’s example). If you’re looking for something for a stag do that is a little different, is exhilarating and terrifying all in one, and you have that inner urge to throw your mate off a bridge without the trouble of the legality, then bungy jumping is the perfect activity to do for your next stag do.

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