Wipeout Omega Collection - NZDadsFor over 20 years, the Wipeout series has been an iconic, high energy, insane racing game, pitting hovering ships against each other, in beautifully designed futuristic cities with superb techno music. Now for the PS4 the Omega Collection has been released combining Wipeout 2048, Wipeout Fury and Wipeout HD into a tidy package that looks even more gorgeous than ever.

If you are new to the series, Wipeout is a game that tends to rely on style over substance. Controlling the ships take a while to get used to as they respond weirdly in comparison to car racing games. Getting used to the frustrating controls is significantly more enjoyable thanks to gorgeous tracks, and fast paced thumping techno music, meaning it is at its best with the volume turned up. The racing isn’t limited to racing and trying to figure out how to best take corners. Ships can activate weapons in a similar fashion to kart racers but with serious weaponry, such as missiles, a quake, and a personal favourite the machine gun. Firing machine gun rounds into an opponent is so satisfying, even if it regularly results in ploughing into a wall while not paying attention.

This amalgamation of visuals and sounds regularly rewards the player as it makes even the most frustrating maps enjoyable. It holds your attention until you get the hang of the controls, and the Omega collection is no exception. Once you have a hang on the controls it becomes a perfect storm of awesome as the spectacle and the gameplay clicks while you are flying through the futuristic tracks, shooting opponents as you fly past them.

A lot of getting the hang of a Wipeout game involves learning the track so that you can start turning and using the best paths to make your way to the front of the pack. This is flipped on its head when mirror image maps get thrown at you meaning when you would usually turn left after seeing a landmark, you now plough into a wall instead of taking the shortcut.

The games are separated at the opening menu, but not in a significant way, they’re done more like a mode selection. This means when you jump into Wipeout 2048, it opens the list of options, so switching back and into Wipeout HD takes seconds. This may sound insignificant, not having to launch ports of each game means that you play a selection of races as you wish, as opposed to committing to the one you launched. It also means that switching between game modes is easier such as flicking into Wipeout Fury for detonator mode, a very fun game where you need to take out mines which gets brilliantly addictive.

As previously mentioned, the aesthetic is a significant part of what makes a Wipeout game a Wipeout game, and with a shiny upgrade, these ones have become more awesome. The overhaul is apparent as they look identical to 2017 Wipeout games, with the bright lights, futuristic cities, crazy hovering ships, and awesome race tracks. Someone new to the series could easily think it was a 2017 game built from the ground up, without the collection in the name that is.

8.5/10 – Wipeout the Omega Collection gives a shiny new lick of paint to some great entries in the Wipeout series. Beautiful visuals and music make it a worthwhile investment, especially at its under $70 price point, for previous players or newbies alike. Older players get the same old fun, with newer visuals on their PS4, newbies get all this awesome content for the first time.

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