Transformers - NZDadsAt this point, the Transformers series has its lovers and its detractors. Some will criticize and pull apart its many flaws, but its fans can enjoy the insanity despite such flaws. I have been on the fan end of that spectrum for a while. As the fifth Transformers movie, Transformers: The Last Knight is exactly what viewers should expect at this point, whatever that is to the individual.

Transformers: The Last Knight enters another point in history where there is contact with humans and transformers, set during the time of King Arthur and Merlin. Merlin has gained his magical abilities thanks to an ancient staff with Cybertron technology. This allowed them to gain an edge in their time, and the creation of an underground society knowing of the Transformers that exists to this day.

The film joins Cade -from the last Transformers film- who is hiding from the government as he tried to help the Transformers who are in hiding. Unknowingly he comes across an old relic from King Arthur’s time in history, and this gets his journey underway for the film. All the while Optimus manages to return to Cybertron where he learns of an enemy on earth and is turned into Nemesis Prime, which Spoiler alert, isn’t good.

This results in the culmination of a plot surrounding one of the greatest villains in Transformers Lore, and it is at best OK. Anyone who is familiar with Transformers lore may feel a little off with this choice, but I appreciated them doing something different, so keep an open mind and it’s OK. Though there are some huge jumps in logic and plot holes surrounding it that undermines the whole plot if you think about it too much. I can’t elaborate without spoilers, but if you forget to turn your brain off you’ll be able to ruin the film for yourself.

Yet despite its flaws, that aren’t new to the series, like the rest of the films in the live action series, it is still a lot of fun if you approach it with the right attitude. The different take on historical events gives enough intrigue to make for some mystery, the action sequences are great fun to watch, the CGI is top notch, with some campy and cheesy acting at times.

There isn’t too much outstanding on the acting front. Anthony Hopkins brings a high standard to his below standard role, and Mark Wahlberg does what we expect of him in a cheesy action film. Isabela Moner and Tony Hale also do damn good jobs of their roles, but the rest is what should expect from a Transformers film at this point.

The Blu-Ray comes with a second disc full of worthwhile features as well. There are plenty of great behind the scenes clips which are always great for a big action fest like this, but the real gem is the inclusion of Transformers: Combiner Wars. Originally released as an animated web series, it has them all as a short film which is a great watch, and a worthy addition to the package.

6.9/10 – At this point, you should know what you are in for with a Transformers film. If you have enjoyed them to date then Transformers: The Last Knight will definitely entertain. If not, it may be worth a pass, but if the film does peak your fancy, the second disc of the Blu-Ray should have some treats for you.

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