That's you PlayStation - NZDadsThe PlayStation brand is one that seems to enjoy trying new things, from the Playstation Eye many years ago, to PSVR more recently, if it is worth a try then they will try. Now PlayStation has tried to integrate your phone into the eco system with its new PlayLink service where you use your phone and its features to play a group game. Based off its first title That’s You, it could be something special.

That’s You is a quiz game where two to six players can connect their smart phones by downloading the That’s You app and get involved. The game revolves around three different gameplay types. The first are quizzes where it will ask a question such as how someone may react in a certain scenario, the kicker being one of the players’ names is the subject of the question, e.g. “What would Blair do if….”. You are then presented with multiple options to choose from. The other gameplay types revolve around pictures. You may be given a stock photo to modify with some basic art tools in a short amount of time, such as a car to design for someone getting married, or the camera getting involved with modifying a picture of players, or having to take a selfie that looks similar to a provided photo.

The gameplay modes are silly, and seem simple, but that’s what makes them fun. It’s a game you can whip out for 20 minutes and have a blast with some friends before putting away, though that 20 minutes can easily turn into more, so long as they all have smartphones or devices that can be run the app on the same WiFi.

The real kicker to the game though isn’t always about doing the best job, it’s about consistency. You get points for giving the same answer, not the best job. So, for example the question rounds, there is no right answer, the points are given for giving the same answer. The same goes for the selfies and modified pictures, you all vote on the best photo, getting points for being in the majority. This is where the silliness and fun goes in to overdrive. Cringing as the majority picks a terrible photo, or agree that you would do x makes for a lot of laughs which is the games strengths.

Some love and affection has been put into the setting, both behind the question cards as well as the narrator. The narrator has a very soothing tone of voice which helps the mood of the game, and the setting behind the cards isn’t mind blowing CG, but does provide a vibe that sets you up to have a good time. One minor annoyance was with questions involving a name where it would replace the name with the word they. The challenge of making it work otherwise is understandable, but it was a bit of a throw off none the less. Impressively you can play the game online with friends or by invite, obviously keeping the nature of the game with people you know as opposed to strangers, which makes all the sense in the world.


8/10 – That’s You isn’t the game you would base a night around, but it is the game you can throw in to the middle for some easy laughs, and some fun games. It works well and thanks to its requirements being a PS4 along with smartphones, it’s easy to get multiple people playing with no new peripherals. It’s free this month on PS+ so it’s worth checking out, plus it’s reasonably cheap outside of PS+ too, and it is curious to see where PlayLink goes from here.


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