moss - NZDadsEverybody’s gaming history is full of firsts. The first time you played a game, the first time you experienced 3D graphics, the first time you realised indie games rule. Moss is a first for me, the first time I discovered how truly special VR can be.

Moss tells the story of Quill, a young mouse in a fantasy kingdom, who must save her uncle from a giant mechanical fire snake. The whole story is framed in a book, that you are reading. In doing so you join her on the adventure, not only as an observer.

Quill is aware of the reader and has it explained to her that your connection is powerful. This allows you to manipulate the world in ways she can’t, such as controlling enemies or lifting objects using your hand, which is represented as a glowing dot. So, you control her movements, but use the controller to interact with the world, which on its own elevates it from a charming and sweet platformer to something more.

When you start, Quill is a little wary of you, but as the game progresses, she becomes friendlier towards you. After beating an especially cleverly designed puzzle, she held out for a high five. I moved my controller so the readers glowing dot touched her hand and I felt a connection I haven’t in a game yet. This emotional connection is what makes the game something so unique. By the end of the game, I felt an actual connection to that charming little mouse, and this is where VR could expand the experience of gaming as we know it.

But back to the game.

Puzzles are cleverly designed so they challenge, but it’s not so hard that it disrupts the flow of the game. There were times I got stumped, but the answer was always within reach, and never took more than 10 minutes.

Quill must fight enemies using simple combat, you run around, or swing a sword, and that’s it. Enemies, which are mechanical beasts, either attack, or shoot, or explode. The combat itself is simple and enemies are generally easy to beat, but as the reader, you can control them for puzzles, and that’s another clever layer built into this wonderful game.

Aesthetically the game is stunning. The world is built around being the size of a mouse, so venturing through areas you will see things like massive deer’s heads popping up to look at you while they drink from a river. But in that massive world, is castles and a village that fits Quills size. It’s a small world, in a big world, and it’s a delight to see. On top of that, Quill’s animations are stunning, with her big ears moving around, it is apparent how much work has been put into making this game look brilliant.

9/10 – Quill’s adventure in Moss is a must play for any PSVR owners, current and future. The wonderful charming story, built around fun gameplay, and an amazingly adorable protagonist, makes this game a treat you deserve to reward yourself with.



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