Despicable me 3 - NZDadsAfter seven years, two great movies, and one terrible spinoff, as well as so much merchandise, Despicable Me 3 has arrived. After seeing the Minions movie, one can’t help but be cynical about the series, and more importantly if the minion’s humour has been overplayed. Fortunately, this new entry returns to its series glory and not the way the merch went.

Despicable Me 3 tells the story of our loveable anti-hero from the series, who fails to capture the new villain Bratt after his diamond heist. This failure results in he and his wife being fired from the Anti-Villain League. With drama brewing, Gru’s previously unknown identical twin brother Dru invites them to his elaborate home, showing his elaborate hair.

As they discover more about each other Dru tells Gru about how his father was a successful famous supervillain and he needs Dru’s help to become one too. Gru tries to fight it but decides he will help him steal the diamond, with plans to take it back to the Anti-Villain League to regain his job. All the while Bratt who got the diamond plans to use it to power weapons to destroy Hollywood.

The story is surprisingly unique while feeling like a continuation of why we enjoyed the Despicable Me series. Not every joke lands every time, but enough do to ensure the movie is consistently funny, enough so that most adults should have no issues enjoying it with their kids. The minions aren’t as overplayed as they could be either which will make the film bearable for most, and by being used more sparingly they can be funny, even to people who ground out the Minions film.

The animation and most returning characters are the same as the last films, all fantastic, but the big surprise was with Trey Parker. Trey Parker, known for his work with South Park, both in voicing and creating, seemed like the fish out of water voicing a character in a family film, but he nails it. His voice work for Bratt is familiar, yet different, and his performance helps lift the silly, elaborate nature of the film to keep the tone in that humorous sweet spot.

The Blu-Ray main menu requires some guessing thanks to no words and only symbols, but there are some treats to be found in the special features. One of which is a short film called The Secret Life of Kyle. This tells the story of a rough looking dog as his day unravels after his family leaves him home alone and he tries to win the heart of another dog. It’s not overly funny but it’s sweet and well worth a watch. On top of there are a couple of short Minions clips, a deleted scene, and a series of clips of voice actors talking about their characters which was surprisingly insightful. Topping it off is a great Making of Despicable Me 3 video, so the bonus features are a valued addition to the Blu-Ray.

7/10 Looking back on Despicable Me 3, its only real flaw is it’s not quite as good as the first two films. The first film was a creative take on the villain, and the second developed the character in necessary ways, the third feels like the first film that wasn’t as necessary, but it’s still entertaining and well worth a watch or two.

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