Watched book  - NZ DadsComputer hacker torturer.

If you’ve seen Saw and hopefully missed all the subsequent movies under the same name, you can start to get the idea of this one.

Rather than a torture chamber, the villain in this one uses the worst and most scariest thing ever…the internet! Shock and horror! Admittedly I did struggle a bit to get this book. It’s essentially a nasty wee chappy who blackmails a seventeen year old kid into doing ‘things’ online. I wont go into any detail about those things, but I’m sure you can work it out.

It seems a little bit of stretch that this bad guy, King is his name, has so much control over the kid in question. Most of us are happy if we can send and receive emails, but this guy can practically control every aspect of the protagonist, Jesse’s life. Call the cops, yo. But it wouldn’t be a thriller if he could simply do just that.

It’s a truly a dark thriller as King is completely ruthless in his control over Jesse. Using all kinds of psychological warfare to make him bend to his every will. Threatening his family, his life and everything in between, King is one bad mofo. Thankfully for Jesse a mastermind computer programmer called Miranda is busy tracking him down. Miranda has been through it all before, herself a victim of King so naturally she wants to take down this extreme cyber bully once and for all. At only 14, nearly 15, she has a big battle on her hands, one that if she fails at not only her life is over, but every other kid that this guy goes on to torture.

Again, it’s a heavy book with some really dark themes. Child abuse, threats, torture, but it’s definitely a thriller. You have been warned.


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