IMG_0093When I was planning my winter adventure with my daughter I didn’t want to take our car down and have to deal with the dramas of fitting snow chains, as it was not a 4WD. I wanted something that could handle itself in the snow, yet still be comfortable and have all the mod cons I needed to keep my daughter and myself entertained.

I spoke with Ford and they suggested the 2016 Everest Titanium. I’d had a quick look at one last year at Big Boys Toys and at the time thought it had real potential for a big family or a group road trip. Fast-forward nearly a year and I finally got the opportunity to put the Everest to the test.

The first thing I noticed about the Everest is that it has an aggressive look, similar to that of the Ranger. But there is more to it. It combines the aggressive, no messing about look of the Ranger with a luxury feel to give you the best of both worlds.

IMG_0046The Everest is a 7 seater SUV that is jam packed with features inside and out. On the inside, the Everest has a beautiful full leather interior. The front seats are heated, which was such a bonus after a long day in the snow. There are enough USB charging ports for every member of the family to have their gadgets plugged in, and on top of that, there is a dedicated power plug port in the second row of seats, for things like your air bed pump when camping, or anything you require a power inverter for. In the past, I have had to lug my power inverter and hook it up to the battery in the dark, which was a real pain. It definitely felt as though they had thought of everything an outdoorsy family would need in this SUV.

When we were packing up the Everest to head down to Ohakune, I found the automatic seat folding buttons for the back seats invaluable. Gone were the days of pulling a lever and having to climb halfway into the back seat, then struggle to get out while bumping your head on the boot lid. Once the seats were down we had tons of room for our bags, snow gear, sleds, snowboard, and boots, not to mention snacks and supplies for the trip.

On the ride down I found the Everest super comfortable. It was a four and a half hour mission down, but it did not feel like it, as the Everest’s seats had me feeling relaxed and not constantly having to readjust during the trip. The same went for my daughter as well. This was a big plus because on long trips she would usually complain about being uncomfortable, so that was one less stress for me; a major bonus in my books!

IMG_0054When we got down to Ohakune, the first thing we did was unpack at the hotel and get geared up in our snow clothes, ready to head up the mountain. On the trip up there was a requirement of snow chains or 4WD. I was so happy that we didn’t have to wait in the massive queues to get snow chains. We just drove on by and made our way up the mountain. I have to say, there was not one moment in that journey up the snowy mountain that I ever felt the Everest could not handle the winter weather or mountain terrain. It powered up the path, not once struggling in the thick snow when we were parking. The snow mode was great in those situations when things were a little chaotic during some minor snowstorms and heavier snow spots.

IMG_0022Overall the Everest is a well-rounded SUV. It’s user-friendly around town at home, and invaluable on outdoor adventures. The 2016 Ford Everest Titanium encompasses a hunger for adventure, without compromising on comfort and luxury. For more information on specs see the spec sheet here.

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  • Eddy Gies September 4, 2016, 8:27 pm

    Impressive Ford by the sounds Looks good too.

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