Halo 5_NZ DadsHalo 5 is the latest instalment in the amazing Xbox exclusive franchise that is the Halo world. In this latest addition, you not only follow Master Chief and his team, you also follow a new player in the Halo world Spartan Jameson Locke of Fireteam Osiris. Halo 5 has you switching between camps during the campaign mode, sometimes you are playing as Master Chief with his Fireteam Blue and other times you are Locke in his Fireteam Osiris.

It was awesome to see that while you are in your fireteams, the AI members are actively involved with you. If you get knocked down and call for help, they actually come and revive you! This was a great addition, where other games with mixed player and AI teams have failed at offering half decent AI support; Halo 5 actually does it very well. The graphics when reviving are pretty cool too, although the time is takes to revive can get a little frustrating when playing on the harder settings.

halo-5-guardians-NZ DadsAnother great addition to the traditional Halo game play is the shoulder charges and ground slams. This offers some pretty cool power moves to get you out of some tight spots. These new additions are awesome, but the one thing that stood out for me, was the one thing I have wanted since I first stepped into the Halo world on my original Xbox. If you are an avid Halo player like me and you have tried Halo 5 you might know what it is… Any guesses? In Halo 5 you have the ability to look down the sight while shooting! Now for someone who hasn’t played Halo before, this might not seem all that significant. Most if not all first person shooters have this feature as a norm. This was not the case for the Halo world. Unless you have a sniper you were restricted to crosshair targeting while shooting. It was the first thing I tested when I fired up my copy and man was it impressive. The graphics when using alien tech weaponry is super smooth and very impressive and the range of weapons will have you trying everything out, just to see what it looks like down the sight.

The online multiplayer is epic too, as we hoped it would be. The arena modes were easy to get into and great fun battling it out against my fellow Halo fans. The Warzone mode really stood out too. The maps are huge and combat was aggressive. Warzone definitely stood out as the multiplayer go to when you want to test your skills.

h5-guardians-warzoneHalo 5 had pretty massive shoes to fill with massive success of the previous Halo games. It does that and some; with amazing graphics that run smooth without fail, new additions to combat style and new players in the Halo world.

9/10 – Halo 5 ticks all the boxes for us. It has all the classic Halo backstory and history, while cementing its own authentic feel to remain separate from the rest. Halo 5 is definitely worth getting for your Xbox One collection.

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