GravityRush2 - NZDadsWhen Gravity Rush first landed on the Vita it was lovingly received by many, including yours truly. As it was remastered for PS4, many more got to see the gravity shifting brilliance of Kat and now finally the sequel, Gravity Rush 2, has come to PS4. The good news is it is more Gravity Rush.

Gravity Rush 2 kicks in with Kat, who upon leaving Hicksville, has become separated from everyone except Syd, including Dusty, her universe looking cat that gave her the ability to shift gravity. As such she has found herself on a little floating village which goes into gravity rifts and mines ore. Without her powers nobody believes what she completed and so she is working her way up from the bottom to ensure she has a place to sleep and food to eat.

As events transpire and she finds herself reunited with Dusty and her gravity shifting powers. At this point it started to feel like Gravity Rush but wasn’t quite there. The area limitations and lack of collectables felt a little off. After not too much longer Kat finds herself in a new floating city and all of a sudden I was hit in the face with Gravity Rush again. I was shifting gravity to fly under the city to collect upgrade gems, doing challenges plus side missions and loving every second of it.

One of the things Gravity Rush did so well was the gameplay was so much fun. A unique take on superhero powers that’s a true treat to play, Gravity Rush 2 brings this back in spades. Many game developers would be tempted to bring in new powers to create variety, fortunately Project Siren knew what was great about their first game and expanded on that.

The new powers come by way of different gravity modes. Firstly, there is normal, which is the version we are accustomed to. Secondly, Lunar, which has less gravity allowing Kat to jump higher and fall slower, something that is super handy when you haven’t had a place to land for a while and need to fall to regain stamina. Thirdly there is Jupiter, which has heavier gravity meaning Kat falls faster and harder, handy when wanting to do more damage, especially against rock covered enemies.

These new gravity modes make the game unique and different, while keeping the reasons Gravity Rush was so fun at the forefront. Unfortunately, the extreme annoyance of gravity sliding is still present. It’s not as horrible as it was to control on Vita but it’s there and still annoying when doing long challenges. The rest is fun and the game knows it.

Most of the time the scenery is vibrant and beautiful. The towns and people are mostly colourful plus the menus have more bright colours than I have seen throughout my life. It’s colourful, with stars and stuff flying everywhere and so much pink. It seemed over the top at first but it didn’t take long for the vibrant menus to remind me of the super fun and relaxed gameplay. Even if it is a little different to the serious story at times.

9/10 – Aside from some minor changes like equipping talismans for upgrades, Gravity Rush 2 is a lot more Gravity Rush. With the gravity powers enhanced the game strengthens its predecessors strongest point and switching between gravity modes mid battle enhances the entertainment factor. Kat is back and as awesome as ever and I for one couldn’t be happier about that fact.

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