Delta_NZ DadsI remember playing the original Gears of War on my Xbox 360 9 years ago now. What I loved about it was it was one of the very few games that offered co-op campaign and since I spent more of my Xbox life playing alongside my friends, as we all do, this was a plus.

The newly remastered Gear of War: Ultimate edition brought back those feelings and excitement that began the amazing Gears of War series all those years ago. The game has been broken down to its foundations and rebuilt in stunning 1080p for the Xbox One. One of the things I noticed is the quality difference in the cinematic scenes from that of the original Xbox 360 version. Obviously with the rebuild to 1080p on the new gen console you would expect a step up in quality, but having seen other older games that have been brought over to new gen consoles just not stand out, this really set the bar. This carries through into the game play, with the advances in environment, lighting and characters all getting a massive facelift.

As for the storyline, those of us who are avid Xbox gamers will know the Gear of War story well, so in this it is more about revisiting an old favourite than experiencing something new… But wait there’s more! Yes you heard me right – there are 5 extra campaign chapters that were not in the original console versions of Gears of War. This was awesome. I was playing through the game going “wow I totally don’t remember this” and then after further research it all became clear. This added a new layer to the game and further fuelled the enjoyment of revisiting this great classic.
The multiplayer put you in teams of either the humans and the locusts, which I found very fun (although, initially I wasn’t aware of the team layouts until a giant locust rocked up and took me out). The game play on multiplayer was smooth and we had no issues with lagging out dropping out of the frame rate.

It was great to see this game rebuilt for the Xbox One, with all these iconic games being remastered; we are really excited for what comes next.

9-Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has done an amazing job at bringing next gen graphics and quality to a Xbox classic and with the additional 5 campaign chapters, for those of us who only every played it on the Xbox 360, this almost brought a new game feel to an old favourite.

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