batman-arkham-vr-nzdadsGames for the longest time have allowed us to escape life for a moment and role play as a character through a screen. This has included getting to soar through the streets of Gotham as the Dark Knight Batman through several games, but nothing has made me feel so much like the caped crusader as Batman Arkham VR. No video game experience has ever been as mind blowing as looking in a mirror and seeing Bats.
Played at its best standing using two motion controllers you start as Bruce in Wayne manor. You will not do any walking but will move from predefined location to predefined location and interacting with objects around you. Entering the batcave was an unreal experience, looking around and seeing batcave everywhere was truly a nerdy experience I did not know how badly I wanted. Then you will put on your batsuit followed by the first moment you look into a mirror and see Batman looking back. It was such a weird feeling to know it was you, but Batman and I could not help but feel this is Virtual Reality in the way we always imagined.
The story is about an hour long, so I cannot delve in without spoilers but I can say that while it is not the best period of time for Batman, it was a great little narrative. The gameplay itself is based around the use of three gadgets, the Batarang, Batclaw and Batscanner. Using these you will enact the greatest detective in the world side of Batman, and solve a crime close to his heart. As such the gameplay consists of moving from location to location and interacting with the objects around you.

What Rocksteady has achieved here is nothing short of genius. At times I really felt like Batman, reinforced by seeing my reflection at times and the way characters interact with me just added to this immersion. Not only that but they bring some areas of Arkham into reality. To look around and feel like you are in one of the Arkham games is nothing short of genius. Being the curious dork I am I had to try to break this and at one time I remember bending down, leaning forward to see in a window. The window is not in a place a reasonable person would have looked, but the room was a small office that was decorated which shows the love and affection Rocksteady has put into this wonderful title.
Coming in at around an hour, or two hours if you play around as much as I did, Batman Arkham VR is not exactly long. What it is though, is one of the most cleverly put together two hours of my life. So to measure the game on length would be doing yourself a disservice. Plus, once you have finished the game you can replay it with Riddler puzzles strewn throughout, meaning there is at least four to five hours of content there, but again it is quality over quantity.
9/10 – In three words, Batman Arkham VR can be described as short but brilliant. Rocksteady has truly made my favourite VR experience to date and shown how far VR has already taken us even with such a short time in the consumer arena. One can only dream of where the technology may take us, but for now get ready and enjoy being Batman as its just exceptional.

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