Volvo XC902 2The Volvo D5 AWD XC90 is the diesel model in the XC90 range. The range comes with a ton of great features, that you can see in the T6 petrol model we reviewed previously. This time we were lucky enough to test out the D5 AWD, and it too is jam packed with most of the same mod cons.


The Volvo Xc90 has a beautiful interior cabin – full leather interior, heated electric seats with 3 storable pre-sets and all the technology you could wish for. The full digital dash has a range of different themes so you can give your XC90 a new look to suit your mood. You can have your Bluetooth music display in the middle or the GPS map display, or if your feel like having a clean, minimalist look, you can just have it clear. One feature that really stood out for me, was when you have your phone connected for media as well as phone features, if some one texts, it comes up on the dash cluster. But that is not all. Volvo are the leaders in safety, and they didn’t want you spending your time staring at the dash display trying to read texts. No, because that would be dangerous! Instead, they have an feature that reads your text out over the stereo system. I thought this was great with all the accidents caused by texting, being able to have your texts read out without touching your phone is a great idea.

The seven seater D5 AWD has so much room. We thought we would test out whether the back 2 seats could really accommodate adults. We found they had plenty, allowing the XC90 to really work for large families, but also when you want to go away with friends who might also have children. One of the most amazing features came from the mid section of the seating arrangement. Although our daughter is in a booster seat at present we were thinking of moving her up to a base only seat. This would not be necessary in the Volvo XC90, for it has a built in booster seat. The middle seat of the middle section unclips and folds into a inbuilt booster seat. This feature is a world first and only available in Volvo’s SUV and station wagon range.


Volvo XC902 3The Volvo XC90 is a stylist vehicle and has some along way from the early years of Volvo design. The particular vehicle we had came with the upgraded wheel package. This meant that it came with the 22-inch wheels (Largest on offer for the XC90) rather than the 20-inch. This model also had the added body kit skirt kit. This feature really added a sporty aggressive look to the Volvo, taking it away from other SUV’s in a similar class.

To access the boot, all you needed to do was click a button under the boot lid handle and it automatically rises up. This was a great feature for those who might struggle with such a large boot lid. And when you wanted to shut it, you just press the button inside the lip of the boot lid lip and it closes automatically also. The boot has amazing space too, and it is very easy to fold down the 2 rear seats, which opens it right up.Volvo XC902 1


The Volvo XC90 is fully of safety features, as you would expect from any Volvo. The Volvo has an amazing array of safety features. Ultra-high strength steel safety cages and an Intellisafe system come standard. The Intellisafe system offers a world first auto braking system which will kick in if you are about to turn into the path of another car. While the D5 model doesn’t come with other Intellisafe features like Adaptive Cruise Control, Pilot Assist and Lane Keeping Aid, you can get them as added features. After having the T6 with these features , I would highly recommend opting for them. With standard cruise control you have to constantly adjust your speed when there are other vehicles on the road. By comparison, Adaptive Cruise Control gauges your distance and adjusts your speed accordingly for you. There are many other amazing features that can be added to the XC90 in regards to the Intellisafe system as well, with different packages available.


The D5 AWD has an impressive 2 litre Four-cylinder twin turbo-charged diesel engine, which is putting out 225hp. But what is really impressive is the torque, 470nm of torque. We found that we were never short on power when we needed it, but the D5 AWD was also extremely ecconomical. This powerhouse was bolted to a Eight-speed Geartronic automatic transmission, which was amazingly smooth and super responsive when runnng in manual mode.


The Volvo XC90 D5 AWD shows that depending on what you are looking for in a Luxury SUV, whether you want the T6 AWD petrol model or the D5 AWD deisel, there is everything you need in the XC90 range. I do recommend going for certain extras. In particular, the Bowers and Wilkins sound system, and the Intellisafe extras like Adpative Cruise Control. When you are looking for feature that you are going to really use, these came across as the specific features we really enjoyed.

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