To celebrate, they are building something pretty special. Holden are rebuilding arguably one of our most iconic vehicles in the last 60 years – a ’69 Holden Monaro HT GTS. They’ve bought the bones of a legend and over the next three months will overhaul this beauty to its former glory.  This is the first part of the journeywhich is one in a series of seven that will chart the rebuild from its discovery in a shed in Thames, through to the restoration to bring it back to its former glory.

 And the best part, this Monaro will be gifted to some lucky Kiwi that is as passionate about Holden as they are.

 Holden are not only rebuilding a legend, they are sharing their favourite memories over the last 60 years and encouraging all Kiwis to do the same. Because their history is not theirs alone but a history that is entwined with Kiwi stories, Holden are building an interactive digital timeline that collates these memories, big and small.  One of the contributors to this timeline will win the beaut Monaro (or beauty to be).

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