Mother’s day, yes. It’s right around the corner again. I know, I know. It only just happened last year. We all get so caught up in the ebb and flow of life that sometimes things get forgotten, but never fear, Hannah’s here with three super fast and sure to please Mother’s day gifts.


  1. Say it with picturesNzdads3

This one is super easy for littlies who haven’t yet grasped how to write, or even draw, how they feel about somebody. It may require a quick run down to the shops but shouldn’t cost all that much.

You will need:

1 canvas of any size

Some letter shaped stickers


A willing child


  1. Write out a heartfelt message in stickers somewhere on the canvas, it could be something simple like “We love mum”, or something a little more complex, maybe “Home is where the mum is” or a particular passage/phrase or lyric that she likes.
  1. Let the children have at it. Let them paint whatever and however they like all over that canvas. The only important part is making sure the stickers are completely painted over.
  1. Wait for the paint to dry and then peel off the stickers, because you’ve used canvas and not paper they should come off relatively easy and leave behind a nice white message.


  1. Pick me up JarNzdads2

This Mother’s day gift has a long term pay off. Fill it with loving messages of thanks and appreciation from the little people in their life for mummy to turn to when she’s stressed/angry or forgets why she agreed to have children in the first place. If you’re super adventurous and have more than one child you could attempt to fill a jar with 365 little notes so she gets a whole years worth of loving in one go!

You will need:




A jar of any size, shape and description (Doesn’t hurt if it’s pretty)


  1. Get the kids to sit around the table and write out all the reasons they love and appreciate their mum. It doesn’t all have to be serious or important. In the mock up I added “We love that you laugh at farts” and “You have nice hair” anything that’ll put a smile on mums face will do.
  1. Cut out all the notes, fold them up and put them in a jar ready for presentation! It’s as easy as that.


  1. Fingers, toes and hands. Oh my!Nzdads

Being a parent makes you well aware of the passage of time. In just a day a sweet little baby turns into a teenager. This Mother’s day immortalise your child by making a mould of their hand, fingers or toes and presenting it as a gift. It’s super easy and you can get really creative! The recipe is pretty straight forward and if you want to make a bigger cast just make a bigger batch.

You will need:

2 Tablespoons of Flour

1 Tablespoon Salt

1 Tablespoon of cold water


  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl until it’s the same consistency of play dough.
  1. Press a finger, toe, foot, hand, nose, ear, actually, avoid the ears, into the clay and/or make it into any shape you like. If you’ve made an indentation of a finger or toe make a little hole in the clay beside it and you can add it to a key chain.
  1. Bake your clay at 120 degrees for two hours.
  1. Let it dry and then paint it!

A little advice: keep an eye on your clay as you bake it. I’m going to assume that much like any cooking/baking different sizes and shapes have different cooking times. Just try not let it burn :)

No matter what you do this Mother’s day be sure to celebrate somebody special in your life be it a Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Uncle, Grandfather or even yourself. Happy Mother’s day everybody!

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