Uncharted- The Lost legacy - NZDadsFor 10 years, Uncharted has been in our lives with the iconic Nathan Drake, and now comes the DLC\Short sequel with 100% less Nate. The question left hanging is, will it work without the iconic hero? The short answer is yes, it works and it is wonderful.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy tells the story of Chloe Frazer who enlists Nadine Ross’ help to get the Tusk of Ganesh from ancient ruins in war-torn India. Their big adversary is Asav who is on one side of the war and wants the gem encrusted tusk for himself, making for some classic Uncharted fun.

The biggest fear when it came to this outing was what it was going to be to have an Uncharted game without Nathan Drake, who was so central to the series, so there were legitimate concerns about how much would be lost without him. Fortunately, nothing about the game feels out of place for Uncharted. Chloe and Nadine have good quality banter, that while different to Nates sense of humour, still hits on point regularly. The big action set pieces that the series is known for is also present, and work as well with the new characters as they did with Nate.

Since Chloe and Nadine have been with the series in their own capacities, they were characters we were already familiar with. Despite this, we only ever had glimpses of them through the eyes of Nate. Having them central to their own story allows for insight into the other elements of the series from a new perspective. This coupled with a new environment and new ancient ruins make the game as different as it is familiar.

The game was originally built as DLC for Uncharted 4 prior to its expansion to a standalone title, which is why in many ways it plays like Uncharted 4, which isn’t a bad thing. Shooting gameplay that’s solid with exploration that’s outstanding, Naughty Dog has taken their winning formula and made something new with it. The rope swing, which I originally swayed back and forth on, from Uncharted 4 is better in place with this game as you use it regularly as it has started to feel natural within the game. Aside from that the only thing mechanically new is Chloe’s lock picking ability, which is super simple to use, moving the analogue stick to the right point and holding it for each pin. It’s not overly complex and you will use it regularly but it at least helps the game feel distinct.

As with previous games, the most beautiful thing is the gorgeous sweeping vistas. Climbing high in the mountain ranges of India makes for some stunning views, which rendered on a PS4 Pro had me stopping and looking around regularly at the deep, distant valleys. Coupled with water flowing, birds flying, with the occasional monkey doing their thing, it is so beautiful and second to none as far as environments go.

As with previous Uncharted games, there are a lot of puzzles, more so in the Lost Legacy than most, and they are great. Puzzles are never overly complex to understand but can take some trial and error or forward planning to beat. Though some are repeated, they are varied and fun enough to be better than previous entries puzzles. So much so, that I got excited to see a new puzzle as they were so much fun, where at times in previous games they felt more of a chore.

The package also includes the full Uncharted multiplayer, and survival mode which most players will have with their copy of Uncharted 4, but if you traded that in then they are both included so you can jump back into the strong online content.

9.5/10 – Uncharted: The Lost Legacy proves that the heart and quality of an Uncharted game or its story doesn’t rely on its original protagonist. With two interesting characters given more personal stories, I certainly hope this isn’t the end for the series, as there are clearly more wonderful stories to be told. But for now, enjoy this 10-hour game as it’s worthwhile for any fan of the series, and a good jumping in point for someone new to it.


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