eve-nzdadsGoing into EVE: Valkyrie I was a little hesitant, knowing that it was part of the bigger Eve universe of games I was worried I would be left behind. Fortunately, there is little space for story and lots of space for some amazing VR space dogfighting action in this title that will have people unfamiliar with the universe not caring pretty quickly.

There is a very short single player campaign which is more useful for getting used to how to play than anything. It is a story where you are a clone of a dead pilot playing memories and collecting recordings to fill in a story that I struggled to engage with at all, maybe because as previously mentioned I am not familiar with the universe.

But multiplayer is where the game becomes worthwhile and what Eve: Valkyrie lacks in a variety of maps it makes up for with exceptional dog space fighting. There are three main modes One is a team Deathmatch mode which is exactly what you would expect, you try to rack up the most kills. Another is a Conquest mode where you need to capture the zones which is done by placing drones near the zones to capture them which you then defend or destroy enemy drones trying to take the zones. The final being a Carrier Assault mode which involves taking zones like in conquest but once you have held them enough it will lower the barriers on the opponent carrier ship for a short period of time, then attack certain points while avoiding enemies and the carrier ships guns. It really is the cream of the crop and a unique blend of the other zones to make for one fun and entertaining game mode.

The most important part is the flying. Eve: Valkyrie has taken a very simplistic and almost arcade-like style to the flying. What this means is for flying casuals like myself it is super easy to pick up and you will be feeling relatively comfortable flying in minutes. I am not sure how flying Sim pros would feel but it is nice to not need years of experience going into a title like this. On top of this was the surprising lack of nausea. Very few games have given me nausea but I would have thought a space game where you can go in any direction, doing loops and spins would have turned my stomach a little but not even once, even in a two or three-hour playing session.

Aesthetically it is a very nice looking game too. It is beautifully detailed and stylised which I was very impressed with. The only issues which would appear to be a limitation of the hardware is the pixelation, being so close it is noticeable, but in comparison to other PSVR games, EVE: Valkyrie is certainly very nice.

There is a lot of variety in ships as well which is great but unlocking them can take quite a while and this brings forward my one real issue with the game, it has micro-transactions. For a full priced game this always annoys me a little, the game reminds you regularly what you could buy if you had more money, which you can grind out, or buy and that is where it crosses an annoying line for me.

7.5/10 – EVE: Valkyrie is another example of what VR can mean for us in the future, it is not dripping in content but it works so well in VR to be able to watch an enemy pass you by you as you turn to line them back up in your sights that the content that is there in multiplayer has a lot of potential to entertain for your money.

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