startrekbeyond - NZDadsThe rebooted Star Trek series has been one that has successfully pulled new nerds and the masses who may have never got into the legendary sci-fi series in the past into becoming fans of the franchise. Star Trek: Beyond is the third installment in the new series with more explosions and more enemies of the federation.

Star Trek Beyond returns to the USS Enterprise as while enjoying some rest at a space station a survivor of a ship advises their stranded ship needs help on the other side of a nebula that blocks communication. If that sounds ominous and suspicious that is because it is but as the heroes they are the USS Enterprise goes in aid of the stranded ship, only to find themselves without communication as they are attacked and easily overpowered by a new enemy Krall. In the process of crashing, Krall captures much of the crew as Captain Kirk crashes on his own with the USS Enterprise and comes upon the new character Jaylah. Jaylah has a chip on her shoulder as she was part of a previous group captured by Krall and unsurprisingly his motivations are to defeat the federation. It has its usual beats as expected with a Star Trek film with some quirks to make it interesting.

The story is creative, engaging and fun. The special effects continue to be absolutely outstanding and there is not too much to say there as the films have had some fantastic CG work over the years and Star Trek Beyond continues this. Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Anton Yelchin, Simon Pegg and John Cho all reprise their previous roles as the USS Enterprise crew and all continue to be as fantastic as they were previously, but the new characters and the fantastic performers hammer home the fantastic story.

Idris Elba, as Idris Elba always does, slays his role of the antagonist Krall, even hidden under a serious amount of make-up. The most astounding addition to the cast is Jaylah, performed by Sofia Boutella. Jaylah is a very strange and different character and her partnership with Kirk adds a new and interesting relationship. Her character and Sofia’s performance breathes an interesting new life to the good side for the film.

The more I reflect on Star Trek Beyond the more I am impressed with how the film feels both old and new. It feels like a normal Star Trek movie and the whole movie goes through the normal Star Trek stages. Yet at the end, I still feel like I experience something new and unique. I think that is what makes the film so great, it is everything there is to like about Star Trek films present, but it is a fun new adventure that gets truly unique with its new characters.

8/10 – When recommending Star Trek Beyond, it is very easy. If you have enjoyed the rebooted films then I will be surprised if you do not like this film. It is more awesome action, more awesome special effect, more awesome USS Enterprise, more awesome crew banter and new awesome characters. Star Trek Beyond is more awesome Star Trek.

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