Spark plugs

Regularly replacing spark plugs helps prevent car starting issues, and assists in fuel economy. Your teen will need some tools for this, which you can get from your local automotive shop or online. If they go into their local Repco or Supercheap Auto and give them their cars registration, they will be able to let them know the specific spark plugs required. They should also be able to tell them which size socket is required for removing them.



Step One: Pull the leadSpark plug removal tool off the first spark plug. Do the change one and a time never remove more than one lead at a time, because mixing these up afterwards will cause the car’s firing order to be messed up and can damage the engine. Using a ratchet and extension and spark plug socket, undo the first plug and remove. The spark plug tool has a rubber washer in it that helps hold onto the plug to pull it out.



Step Two: Take one of the new spark plugs out of its packet and, holding the threaded part, push the outer end into the spark plug socket on your ratchet. Change the ratchet to tighten and screw this back into the engine. Make sure that it is lined up correctly, if it is really hard to tighten straight away, undo it again and try again. It should not be hard to tighten up. If it is it could mean the plug is not lined up properly and can strip the thread, another costly and time consuming fix.

Step Three: Once the plug is in, re-attach the spark plug lead, and move on to the next one, follow these steps until they are all changed. In certain cars such as Subarus with flat cylinder engines it can be a lot easier to just take it into the shop. Some cars will have plastic coverings over the motor which you will need to remove to access the spark plugs. It’s a good idea to get your teen to have a notebook in their glove box with the date and km’s of each thing that they have done so they know when its due to be changed next. Depending on the type of spark plugs their car uses, these can need changing between 50,000km and 100,000kms.

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