Teaching your teen to do a basic oil service on their car is a great way for your teenager to save some money, and to gain some confidence around their own abilities when it comes to their car. This is not limited to just the boys, as there is no reason not to teach your daughter how to do this as well. Not only is it a good skill to have, it means they’re less likely to need that boyfriend over to do it for them!

To do an oil & filter change they will need some tools for this – usually a basic socket sets a good start. Depending on the vehicle there are different options for oil filter removal tools. These can be found at your local Repco, Supercheap Auto, or even on Trademe.

Step One: If you’re running an oil flush through (I recommended this) follow the instructions on the bottle. Once you have run that in the car, turn the car off. Jack the vehicle up, and put on stands, or alternatively get them some ramps as these are really helpful with any car work.

Step Two: Start by getting your oil tray under the sump bolt on the bottom of the engine. Make sure you check that this is the bolt on the bottom of the engine and not the bottom of the gearbox or transmission, as that can be a costly mistake. Undo the sump bolt and drain the oil into the oil collection tray. After this has drained, place the bolt back into the sump and tighten it up.

Oil filter removal toolsStep Three: Remove the oil filter. These can be in the most random places on some cars, but generally are on the bottom of the engine. Best practice is check your filter location then purchase the tool that best works for your teenager’s car. There are a range of different tools available, but a real DIY way if it’s in an obscure place is a large flat head screw driver and a hammer. Light taps on the end oOil filterf the filter in the anticlockwise direction will more than often loosen it enough to remove by hand. Once off, open the new filter. Some filters have a pre lubricated rubber seal, but if this is not the case simply dip your clean finger into the new oil and run this around the rubber seal, this helps to prevent leaking. If you can tighten the filter firmly by hand this is usually sufficient, otherwise use a filter tool.

Step Four: Add the new oil. This goes in the top of the engine, you can usually google the oil capacity of your motor just by putting in the motor code, found on the vehicle plate on the door arches out on the firewall behind the engine. Once filled up, run it for a few minutes, then turn off and check the oil levels, before topping up accordingly. I suggest going slightly under the recommended amount, as it is much easier to top it up than it is to take some out. Fill in the oil change sticker and put it on the corner of the windscreen.

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