REVIEW: Toddler Taming

Toddler TamingYou know you’re reading some good advice when it’s the 5th edition. Not too many books get that kind of treatment, so when they do it’s best to sit up, cross your arms and legs and pay attention.

Sitting up straight and paying attention are also discussed in the book. Not so much for you, but for your toddler. I’m currently blessed with a seven-month-old, gorgeous, perfectly behaved, baby boy. He of course will stay like that all through his childhood so I’m only reading this book for the benefit of writing a review.

For those of you who have been through the toddler years, you will be sitting there shaking your head the above paragraph thinking ‘you wait, buddy’. For those currently in the throws of ‘toddlerdom’ you probably are already asleep from complete toddler wrangling related exhaustion. If you fall in to the latter category, do I have the book for you.

As the book notes, have you ever noticed how relaxed your parents are with your toddler? They know that the kid will grow up and they are very aware that the kid doesn’t have any self-control systems installed yet. What the book didn’t note was that your kids and your parents also get along because they both have a common enemy.

The best feature of this book is it’s calming nature. It tells you that your kid is normal and gives you a whole bunch of very well credited claims to back that up. Dr Christopher Green is known as the toddler tamer and after reading his book there is hope for me to reach that goal without simply palming off the toddler onto my wife…as was my original plan.

It’s a book that you will go back to time and time again for it’s calm wisdom and assurances that you will get through it…and your child get through this stage as well. It has the standard content recaps at the end of each chapter for when you get interrupted by the person you are trying to learn about, so you will be able to absorb all the best bits during your rather precious and scarce amounts of down time.

Throughout the book you will find fantastically helpful nuggets of information to get you through the next few years. Toilet training, tantrums, time out, and all the other fantastically diabolical and torturous events you are about to embark on with your most treasured possession. It’s all in there. Most importantly though, the book helps you step back and take a much needed breath. Toddler Taming is a deep, deep breath, disguised as a book, a book that will make you fall in love with your kid all over again.

Toddler Taming, by Dr Christopher Green is published by Random house NZ, RRP $39.99

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