Pregnancy - NZ DadsYou’ve been practising diligently, you’ve seen the doctor and specialists and the verdict is in. You or your partner, or potentially both of you are dealing with fertility issues. So what’s next? IVF? Adoption? Maybe, but there are less extreme options people can explore before delving into the world of medical intervention and long and often difficult path to adoption.

Natural fertility treatments are widely used and recognised across New Zealand. They focus on ensuring you are in great health physically and emotionally. They are less intrusive than medical treatments and can in more difficult cases of infertility be used alongside medical options in order to increase your chances of growing your family.

Taking good care of yourself is an important part of natural fertility treatments. In some cases dealing with seemingly unrelated health concerns such as being overweight can improve common fertility issues like low sperm counts or hormonal issues. It’s a simple fix and one that has an impact on more than fertility. Eating healthy, getting regular exercise and giving up smoking may all increase your chance of having a baby naturally.

There are a number of different natural fertility options that you and your partner can explore.
They are widely available across New Zealand and if done correctly are safe ways to try and increase your chances of conceiving.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine that uses fine needles to trigger physiological changes by targeting different acupuncture points on the body that are associated with different ailments and health problems. Acupuncture has been effective in treating hormone irregularities, lowering stress and reducing hostile mucous. It also has an impact on blood flow to the uterus that improves the uterine lining, helps with the pain associated with painful conditions that may be causing fertility issues and for men helps improve sperm count. Acupuncture has also been linked to lower chances of recurrent miscarriage. Sessions last twenty minutes and a normal course is between six and twelve weeks. There has also been research that suggests that using acupuncture alongside IFV increases your chances of conceiving by 35%.

If teeny tiny needles don’t sound appealing to you there are a wide range of supplements and herbal Medicine that might be an easier concept to swallow. Herbal medicine can be incredibly effective in dealing with some fertility issues. Research even shows that prescribed herbal medicine can be just as effective for inducing ovulation as fertility drugs. Herbal medicine is most effective when it has been specially prescribed for you while supplements are easier to self prescribe. Supplements such as menevit improve sperm quality and count and woman are encouraged to take iodine and folic acid supplements to reduce chances of birth defects. Talking to your doctor about different vitamins, minerals and amino acids is a good first step when tackling fertility issues.

Osteopathy which realigns the body by working the soft tissues, bones and the cranial rhythm, Naturopathy which focuses on diet, vitamins, minerals and environmental changes to de-stress and properly nourish the body and Homeopathy that uses minute doses of activating substances to help with symptoms are all natural options that could improve your chances of making a baby.

Many professional fertility experts also suggest that dealing with the emotional strain of trying to conceive can be beneficial not only to your mental health but can also make the baby making process more effective. Counselling and support groups are offered across New Zealand and people struggling with fertility issues and their families are encouraged to tap into the supportive community. You don’t have to take this journey alone.
Possibly the most important part of using natural fertility treatments is picking the right one for you and finding the right people to administer it. There is nothing wrong with trying different natural therapies and shopping around for a practitioner you feel happy and safe with. Do your research as some people specialise in fertility and can offer a wealth of experience and knowledge while others may have little to offer you.

If you have any concerns or questions talk to a trusted health professional. Remember you aren’t the only ones dealing with infertility and thousands of other couples across New Zealand are asking the exact same questions or searching for the right method.

Next time we look at medical intervention and the treatments and strategies available to you.

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