Christmas stress - NZ DadsChristmas is meant to be a time to spend with your family. So why does it always seem more stressful than it’s worth?  How can you stay calm and avoid having a meltdown?

We asked sleep and stress specialist Kirsten Taylor what her top tips are for ensuring the lead up to Christmas doesn’t get the better of you.






  1. Simplify your Christmas shopping

If you’ve been delegated the task to buy presents for your friends and family, don’t wait until the last minute, as this can significantly increase your stress levels. Instead, try and head out during the lunch hour to slowly tick each person off your list, or visit one store that will suit a number of people and ask the store assistants to help you pick out a suitable gift – they will be more likely to help. If you can, write a list before you leave home, even if it’s just who you need to buy for. Online shopping is also a really good option, and can save your sanity!

  1. Get enough sleep

It’s a simple tip, but true. If you’re out all night at Christmas parties, it’s going to affect you the next day. When multiple nights out start to stack up, you’re unable to recharge your batteries and this will affect your alertness and may make it easier to become stressed.Try not to reach for the energy drinks if you need some help staying awake, as you’ll only crash again in a few hours – try a natural alertness formula such as the SleepDrops ‘DayDrops’ formula which supports the nervous system during the day, assists natural energy levels, reduces stress, soothes the nerves, balances your mood and calms the mind.

  1. Ease financial stress

Although your kids may be bugging at you for a particular toy or electronic device – these are just passing fads and they will be just as happy with something that is more friendly on your wallet. Christmas is a rare time of year when we all wind down and make time for our families and those that we love. Make the most of it by coming up with some fun ways to hang out as a family, it could be arts and crafts, cooking together or doing a puzzle. Whatever it is, enjoy spending it together as a family.

  1. Schedule downtime

Life naturally gets busier around the Christmas period, so try and avoid scheduling back to back appointments, meetings, events or rushing around after everyone. Set a limit for how many activities you can do in a day and stick to it. Do you really need to rush out and pick up Christmas crackers, or can it wait until tomorrow when you’re passing by the store?

  1. Avoid Boxing Day sales

After Christmas, there’s no need to rush out to take advantage of Boxing Day sales. They’ll still be there the next day. Instead, take this time and spend it with your family, hopefully in the beautiful sunshine!

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