Connecting the Dots

Nana and grandchild NZ DadsMy mother came down for a visit these last school holidays. She and my daughter have their own thing going on and Nan-time is always quality time for both of them. It is a great help to me and my girl’s mother (school holiday programmes don’t come cheap), but the best part for me was seeing Granddaughter and Nan enjoy their time together. Mum stayed for a week and each morning as I went to work I wished I was on holiday too. As I headed out the door to sell plumbing supplies I said goodbye them either reading to each other, playing cards or warming up for the day with a movie.
Sometimes cliches are cliches for a reason. The old chestnut of ‘the most valuable thing you can spend on loved ones is time’ rings true over and over to me. My mother was more than prepared for movies, trips to Te Papa, all the holiday standards. They fitted in a movie but for the most part they spent their days wandering around the neighbourhood visiting the local thrift stores and hanging at the library four houses down from my place. Just shared time. That’s all they needed.
My daughter insists that Nan sleeps in the spare bed in her room whenever she visits. As I got ready for my own working day the dog usually found her way onto one of their beds as they greeted the day at their own pace. They dropped in on me at work a couple of times and I always headed home as soon as I could to hear about the day they had. It has been a long time since I have come home to somebody answering the door and that was one of the best things about having them stay with me.
I am sure my mother would love to have the grandkids live just down the street. That is my own ideal of where I want to end up but nothing is guaranteed so I suppose we all need to make the most out of the situations we find ourselves in. Visits to and from Nan are frequent though, and since our move to Wellington Auckland seems a lot closer for all of us.
I figure no family is the same just as each individual is different. Would we have the same relationship with each other as we do now if we lived just down the street? Who knows. Maybe. My daughter knows who and where her family is even if they are spread around different cities, countries and continents. Perhaps more a sign of the times than anything else, trips overseas will happen when circumstances and finances allow. Until then we will continue on the path we are on; doing our thing down here with Nan visits to look forward to and maybe even a trip or two on our own.
We’ll see, and that’s the best part.

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