Checking the Balance

Family beach - NZ DadsAll of a sudden I have a child in Year 4. I am sure only a week ago she was a toddler behind me in her bike seat telling me to go faster. I suppose that is the way it works; time marching on bringing the memories along for the ride. She is about a month into touch rugby which she is enjoying, winning a few, losing a few, scoring a few tries, the way it should be. Excited with her new class, new teacher and her general day to day as well, good to know that between her mother, me and our respective lives we have got a couple of things right. She is a good kid. A completely unbiased evaluation of course.

The new relationship is not so new anymore, still going strong and building up one brick at a time. The four of us went to ‘Star Wars’ and were able to fully debrief and dissect the film afterwards. Her son and my girl seem to manage with the arrangement too, reassuring for us grownups to see that missions of four are a doable thing. We are all getting back into some sort of post-holiday routine and we might start a Wednesday pizza night at our favourite local. I hope it works out. Their pizzas are really good.

My partner and I like talking about where we want to end up and it seems the course we are on can get us there. It is a weird mix of not wanting to over-think things and wanting to address every variable at the same time. This has resulted in us not pushing any great changes on anybody which is good even though the two of us want everything right now. Time seems precious now and my previously (perhaps still occasionally) disorganised self is slowly embracing the management of this commodity. With boyfriend/girlfriend stuff, Dad/daughter stuff and everything in between it seems the only way to make everything work. I don’t think I will ever be one with a planner on their wall but it can’t hurt to make allowances for the odd thing in advance.

My daughter is going overseas for a month with her mother in July. I know she will have a great time visiting her family in the U.S. and it is a lot easier to keep in touch these days but I get kind of used to things staying the way they are. Kind of weird considering all the positive changes that have been happening lately, maybe I am getting better at the whole adjustment thing too. All I know is that we still like going to the library on late night Fridays, pancakes are still our Saturday thing and we still enjoy doing stuff just like we always have. Our latest thing is playing a couple of rounds of last card just before bed. I stopped letting her win a little while ago and she has become quite the little shark on her own…

Lots of changes have either happened, are happening or are coming up. There goes wanting things to stay the same, it seems a kind of refreshment can be found in the odd new thing coming along every once in a while. Who would’ve thought?


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