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NZ Dads pre-schoolers going to Gold Coast

NZ Dads travelled to Gold Coast with a three and a half year old. Here are some tips that we wished we’d known beforehand! Be prepared for the flight Unless you get the full flight package (with food, movies etc), which with a few kids and yourselves can be quite costly, you are going to […] Read More

Family luggage

Last time I talked about travelling on holidays I made a few planning tips to making things a bit easier. This article is an extension of that with the “what to pack” part of your trip. No matter how hard you try you’ll pack too much, but try, really try not to pack too much because […] Read More

plane overseas

So you’ve decided to take the kids on holiday to a different country, or a cruise.  With the right preparation, it will be as enjoyable for you, as for your family.  Rather than leave the wife to do all organising, be a man and share in some of the work.  This could include investigating accommodation, […] Read More

family road trip

There are some really good things to remember and look for when traveling with children on the traditional kiwi road trip. This can be applied to dads with babies to school aged children, and these helpful hints can make things less stressful for those long trips away. Tip 1: Plan where you’re staying in advance: […] Read More

piggy bank in trouble

Want a holiday? Could do with a break? Require a rest? NEED a holiday, right now or there will be blood spilt and it’s not going to be yours!!?!??  Whether you want to go away for a few days or jet away to another country for a week, it’s going to cost you. You need […] Read More