Advice & tips on relationships for fathers. From handling your partner’s pregnancy hormones, to date night ideas, to introducing your kids to your new partner.

Break from the kids - NZ Dads

It’s here – finally here. Grandmas booked, food in the fridge, emergency phone numbers next to phone and bags are packed. It’s your first trip away together as a couple without the kids since you can remember.  You can put up with it all – the yelling, the screaming, the tears and tantrums as long […] Read More

Dating tips for dads

  It’s been a while since you were last doing the circuit and having been out of the loop and with kids in tow dating can seem pretty daunting. But if you’ve decided that you’re ready to get back in the game and remember to respect the needs of yourself, your children and your date […] Read More

stressed dad

Pregnancy hormones are a nightmare for women. They make their bodies do strange things, and worst of all they seem to change their personalities completely.  With baby brain (yes that memory loss exists according to millions of women), frayed tempers, morning sickness, and strange cravings, as well has having a human being growing inside and […] Read More