Party & Festive

Recipes for parties and festivities, including birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, and Easter.


Awesome pork crackling, thanks to 1 Player Dad. Head over to Facebook and follow him here […] Read More


It was my brother's birthday and I wanted to make something that I knew he would love! I remember years ago he ate an entire bag (in one sitting) of my dark chocolate coated crystallised ginger pieces... needless to say I figured this would be a winning flavour combination. Following the same pastry recipe as […] Read More

Carrot and Date Loaf

Carrot and Date Loaf - NZ Dads

I find baking rather therapeutic, or maybe it's the eating of the baking afterwards. Either way, it's good for the soul, and in my book, it's much better for you as a treat than any of the store-bought packaged items available. I couldn't decide if I wanted to make a carrot cake or a date […] Read More

Tart - NZ Dads

Here's another recipe to add to my growing tart collection. I find these to make the most satisfying desserts, which are also rather impressive for guests. Plus I find them a lot easier to make than cakes. Pastry becomes really easy to make once you've got the basics covered, and the use of a food […] Read More

Banana cake - NZ Dads

I call this "meat dish" banana cake because traditionally the recipe actually makes enough to bake it in a meat-dish, and usually we do. It's the perfect cake to whip up to feed a crowd and is always a pleaser with even the fussiest of eaters. I found the recipe in my mother-in-laws hand written […] Read More