From easy recipes you can cook with the kids, to party food, to cooking a big family meal, you’ll find recipes suitable everyone from cooking experts to the most culinary challenged.

Baby's Mexican Chicken with Mango and Black Beans - NZDads

As promised this is part of my series of recipes for babies. The main idea of this series of recipes are foods which are baby friendly, which can be prepared alongside the family meal. This makes preparing it easy, and it’s a two birds with one stone kind of approach. This recipe was inspired by […] Read More

Lamb Cassarole baby food- NZDads

So this is a new series of recipes that I'm working on which are both baby and adult friendly. The Master of the house is currently 7 months old and enjoying exploring a range of foods. So I'm having to get a little more creative with what I'm serving. Initially, I started him on single […] Read More

Louise Cake

Lousie Cake - NZDads

I'm amazed at how many people have never heard of Louise Cake... if you have, you're clearly one of the lucky ones. Buttery moist cake like base (it's almost a pastry to be honest!), baked, then smothered in jam (traditionally raspberry), then topped with a coconut meringue, before being baked again. I recently purchased a […] Read More

CHICKEN FAJITAS 1 packet of Farrah’s Burrito Tortillas 1 packet of Farrah's Fajita Spice Mix 500g chicken breast 1 capsicum 1 onion 1 tbsp oil Slice the capsicum, onion, and chicken into thin strips. Place chicken in a bag or bowl and coat in a tablespoon of oil and Farrah's Fajita Spice Mix.  Heat a […] Read More

Sausage with Veggie Mash and Onion Gravy

Sausages, mash, and gravy are a winter classic comfort food. So perfect for filling bellies and warming us up on these cooler evenings. This version is surprisingly healthy, thanks to the fact that the mash is laden with cauliflower! Steamed and pureed and disguised brilliantly within the mashed potato… perfect way to get your vegetables […] Read More