Easy to make lunches for the kids and adults alike.

Cousin Reid's Tuna Pasta Salad - NZDads

So as you can tell by the name, this isn't my recipe, but one that my cousin Reid shared with me on a recent dinner catch up. First let me describe Reid, he's a 6'4 mountain of a man, the kind of guy that has seconds of seconds and then still has room for dessert. […] Read More

Garlic and Herb Focaccia - NZDads

There's something very gratifying about baking your own bread. Firstly, there's the unmistakable aroma which fills the house, but also that slightly smug feeling of having baked your own bread and showing off about it. Focaccia is relatively easy as there's only one knead required when the flour is all added to the mix, then […] Read More

B & E Mini Pies

B and E pie - NZDads

Everybody loves bacon and egg pies amiright? Well they sure are a winner in our house. These mini pies were created because I had some extra pastry and bacon that needed a home (like bacon every needs a home, but anyway). Best of all, they only take minutes to whip up, 25 minutes to bake, […] Read More

Chicken Slaw Pita's with Fix and Fogg's Smoke and Fire Peanut Butter

Are you a peanut butter fan? I most certainly am. On toast, crackers, fruit toast, hot cross buns. Toasted sandwich with banana and peanut butter, and best of all, SATAY. So when Fix and Fogg released their new Smoke & Fire Peanut Butter I was so intrigued to test it out. One taste and all […] Read More

muffins - NZ Dads

Savoury muffins are my new favourite snack, breakfast on the go, or as they were today, a quick and easy lunch alongside my favourite tinned soup. These muffins are loaded with veggies and tasty cheese for calcium and a protein kick. You're welcome to chop and change the veggies used. Corn kernels and roasted pumpkin […] Read More