Recipes for dinner that the kids can help with, with ideas that they will enjoy.

Tuna Pasta Bake

Tuna bake ingredients - NZDads

If you liked my Cheat's Lasagne Recipe from last month then you'll love this variation. I used to spend hours coming up with elaborate meals to prepare, but these days with a young baby I don't have enough to time to prepare, let alone think of such creative meals as I used to. Well not regularly […] Read More

Chicken, Broccoli & Quinoa Balls - NZDads

Chicken and Broccoli Bites or Broccoli and Cheese Bites have been trending on food blogs for a while now, and I have been wanting to try them for a while. However my 'fussy eater' is weird about meat (unless it's pulverised into a puree, masked with pumpkin or kumara), and is not a big fan […] Read More

Family mince and cheese pie - NZDads

It might nearly be spring, but the weather is still pretty wet and cold, so comforting warming food is just what we need. I got the inspiration for this recipe when a friend of mine was telling me about the steak and ale pie she was making; I, of course, didn't have any steak in […] Read More

Baby Panang - for parents too! - NZDads

As of late, I have been adapting our adult meals to make a potful to freeze down for baby. I'm also aware that as he gets older, he needs to be exposed to more flavours, textures, and tastes. For this Thai Panang Curry, each time I make it will gradually increase the amount of Panang […] Read More

CHICKEN FAJITAS 1 packet of Farrah’s Burrito Tortillas 1 packet of Farrah's Fajita Spice Mix 500g chicken breast 1 capsicum 1 onion 1 tbsp oil Slice the capsicum, onion, and chicken into thin strips. Place chicken in a bag or bowl and coat in a tablespoon of oil and Farrah's Fajita Spice Mix.  Heat a […] Read More