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Devilled Sausages

Deviled Sausages - NZDads

My friend and I were reminiscing over this dish recently. What better way to enjoy your favourite sausage then simmered in a tangy, sweet and spicy sauce served over mash or rice. Now that the weather is finally cooling off, this is the perfectly lovely warming comfort food type of dish to start thinking about […] Read More

Marrow stuffed with Spanish beef and rice - NZDads

Over our Christmas break, my zucchini plant went berzerk. I can home to find 12 massive oversized zucchini, known as marrow. Marrow is one of those vegetables that our parent's generation know well. Dad raves about them, but like most things would just boil it till it's soft. Previously I'd boiled them with kumara and […] Read More

Tuna Pasta Bake

Tuna bake ingredients - NZDads

If you liked my Cheat's Lasagne Recipe from last month then you'll love this variation. I used to spend hours coming up with elaborate meals to prepare, but these days with a young baby I don't have enough to time to prepare, let alone think of such creative meals as I used to. Well not regularly […] Read More

Chicken, Broccoli & Quinoa Balls - NZDads

Chicken and Broccoli Bites or Broccoli and Cheese Bites have been trending on food blogs for a while now, and I have been wanting to try them for a while. However my 'fussy eater' is weird about meat (unless it's pulverised into a puree, masked with pumpkin or kumara), and is not a big fan […] Read More


  Health and Wellness books are extremely popular right now, with people realising that what we put into our bodies as fuel matters. This book fits into that category but is specifically written for people facing cancer. The authors write from personal experience with a wealth of expertise. Sam, being a food writer and columnist […] Read More