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  The ancient Hebrew name Abraham comes with a lot of responsibility, just like the ancient Hebrew name Spiderman. Abraham means Leader of Nations, so what we say to Abe each day is, Son, now that you’ve come home, taken your shoes off, tidied up your room, and washed your hands, be a good boy [...]

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Getting kids into rap music, which is what old people call hip-hop, requires a gentle, phased approach. You don’t want the kid to be scared off, like me with Pink Floyd. Because my parents were old and cautious and anal and British, I grew up to associate Pink Floyd with old cautious anal Britishness. It [...]

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My son Abe, age 5, loves superheroes. He knows more about comic book superheroes than he does about world leaders, religious icons or Nobel Prize winners. He can’t name one suffragette, but he can name Suffragette – heroine of the Fight Squad superhero universe who has the power to vote. Unfortunately, the comic book industry [...]

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Breaking Dad A parenting column by Michael Botur Five Beloved Children’s Books NSFW The other night I read my son The Butter Battle Book by Dr Seuss, MD. He love it so much he read it again after “lights out,” not that there is such a thing as ‘lights out’ thanks to f**king Daylight Saving. [...]

Kids vs Carpet

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If you’ve had a child, you’re probably ruined in some way. Maybe you’re financially ruined because daycare is costing you triple digits each week and you’ll never go on an overseas holiday again. Maybe your belly is ruined because of your diet of leftover Nutri-Grain which you feel compelled to eat because every box costs [...]