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So-called parenting advice By Michael Botur Thanks to my pop Christopher Herbert Alfred Botur, I can scale mountains, cycle 40kms, split firewood with a single axe blow, and win pub sports from snooker to chess to darts. Chris Botur schooled me on Monty Python, Stevie Wonder, J R R Tolkien and everything else he’s into. [...]

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  I’m usually droll and sarcastic about parenting but I’d like to rave for once about children. You see, children can get you out of commitments and responsibilities you do not want. Children are not only an excuse to leave work early, they’re also an excuse not to come into work at all. Children give [...]

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1 – Waterblasting the driveway – Plug in your waterblaster, uncoil the hose and pinch out all the knots, clear the driveway of Lego and Hot Wheels cars. Turn the tap on. Keep the waterblaster nozzle aimed away from face. Let your five year old have a turn shooting the waterblaster with his skinny little [...]

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He does a home invasion on your place at night, performs heroic deeds and then fucks off. No, this is not Batman we’re talking about. I’m talking about Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas if you are British (also known as Christmas if you never had a father). My five year old boy believes [...]

Goodbye Ecstasy, Hello Blah

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Having kids is the greatest thing that will ever happen in your life, releasing bucketloads of warm fuzzies into your bloodstream, enriching your soul and making you vow to treat your fellow man better … for the first month, that is. That glowing mum so proud of the blind, wet newborn baby she’s cradling in [...]