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Articles and reviews of technology and toys for fathers, including advice on how different technology can make life as a dad so much easier.

techie baby

It doesn't hurt to expose your child to technology early, especially if given the access to apps that will not only entertain but teach them a thing or two, too. The following is a selection of free apps that can be downloaded onto a preferred device (smart phone, tablet or computer).  Where possible I have […] Read More

Pebble Smartwatch

Technology has been getting closer and closer to our bodies. From smartphones that are constantly in our hands or at the least in our pockets, to smartwatches on our wrist, to google glass on our head, technology is destined to eventually become more and more integrated with our bodies (smartcontacts and brain chips anyone?) despite […] Read More


Philips have created four new models of Fidelio Docking Speakers specifically for Android smartphone users. I tried out the AS111, which at $169.95 is the cheapest of the models. I was impressed with the quality sound that came out of the small compact unit. It sounded fantastic in our large living area, with great bass […] Read More