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Articles and reviews of technology and toys for fathers, including advice on how different technology can make life as a dad so much easier.

Motorola MBP36 - NZ Dads

When we were looking for a baby monitor for our daughter there were a few things I really needed it to be able to do. Firstly I wanted one that had decent range, and the freedom to take the unit with you. This meant it needed a decent battery life also. Secondly, it needed to […] Read More


For me my phone is single most important piece of technology I own (next to my Xbox). It contains everything - my family photos, contacts, important emails, and Candy Crush. When I was looking for a cover for it, there were certain features that it needed to have. It needed to be lightweight and not […] Read More

PowerAll Power Bank - NZ Dads

The worst thing about camping? Not being able to charge your phone. Sure, camping means getting back to nature, and doing away with technology for a few days, but for those of us that want to take family selfies and upload them to Facebook, a phone charger is a must have. I work in a […] Read More

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 6.45.10 pm

The Lenmar ChugPlug is a portable MacBook battery pack that claims to give users up to four hours extended battery life for MacBook Airs, and up to three hours for MacBook Pros. Ideal for those who work out of clients offices on occasions, or want to work whilst in transit (be it on a bus […] Read More


Using the internet wasn’t a question that wouldn't have bothered the parents of teenagers a generation ago but it is a “necessary” these days – a necessary evil or a necessary good?  Allowing your child you access the Internet requires that you know what your child is doing.  Some experts feel that children should be […] Read More